Roofing Supplies St Austell

We provide a range of roofing supplies in St Austell, so choose us for your next project. From high-quality tiles to a range of accessories, we have everything you need! We offer a diverse range of supplies to domestic customers as well as local contractors, and we have become known for our competitive prices and excellent customer service. Furthermore, our experts have many years of experience in the industry and we will be happy to help you choose the most suitable products for the job.

We have products from industry-leading manufacturers, and if you want any additional information on our range, visit or drop us a call today.

Quality Roofing Materials

Here at our local company we offer a variety of quality roofing materials, including:

Natural Slate

Natural slate is a popular material used on properties of all ages. It offers a classic appearance that will make your home or commercial premises stand out, whether you are looking for a modern or traditional look. This natural material also offers strength and longevity, with different shades and textures available.

Fibre Cement Slate

These tiles are a great solution as they offer an authentic appearance of real slate while being completely man-made. The compound is a combination of cement, sand and cellulose fibres so it is highly resistant to elements such as strong weather, fire and insects.

Concrete Tiles

Our concrete tiles are high quality and easy to install. They enhance any property, and with a lifespan that can stretch to 60 years, these products often require little to no maintenance over their lifetime.

Slate has a very low water absorption index, which makes it almost completely waterproof. This is one of the main reasons why slate is a preferred material for roof tiles & cladding.

Fibre cement slates have an extremely long life span, which makes them a suitable option if you need a long lasting, robust roofing option. They come with a 50+ year warranty with a life expectancy for decades beyond that.

Cement tiles are not hard to maintain and clean, and proper care can increase their life expectancy. Once they have been sealed correctly, the surface of the tile can be cleaned with products suitable for natural stone. Household cleaning agents can also be used to keep the tiles in good condition.

Enquire About Our Roofing Supplies In St Austell

To discover more about our roofing supplies in St Austell, you can visit us in store or get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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