Concrete Roof Tiles St Austell

Looking for concrete roof tiles in St Austell and the surrounding areas? If so, let your search end with us. We always have a variety of concrete tiles to choose from, including all of the accessories you need for a professional installation. From flat to interlocking styles, we have varieties to suit a range of requirements. Furthermore, if you aren’t sure which product is right for you and would like some expert advice, our team are here to help. We have been providing our quality services for customers throughout Cornwall since 2010 and we can recommend the most suitable solution for your property and your budget.

Visit us today or get in touch with a member of our team to find out more about the products available.

How Long Do Concrete Tiles Last?

Most concrete tiles will last between 50 – 60 years, making them a popular choice for many properties. Their lifespan will depend on various factors including maintenance, the underlayment quality and many other components. The durability of these tiles also relies on the quality of the tiles themselves, as well as how they are installed.

Benefits Of Concrete Tiles

These products are an obvious choice for any pitched roof project, with benefits including:


These materials offer a great variety of styles, colours and finishes so you will be able to find the perfect option for your property no matter your taste preferences.


With a long lifespan, these products are incredibly resistant to damage. They require minimal maintenance and are also easy to replace.


All of the products we supply and install comply with British Standards. This is vital when choosing roofing materials to ensure you are left with a strong and secure installation that will protect your building from the elements.

Interlocking Concrete Tiles

We can install modern interlocking concrete tiles as they offer quick and easy installation! Therefore, you can keep labour costs to a minimum and your project will be completed in no time. They offer an enhanced appearance and will be the perfect addition to any domestic or commercial property.

Call Our Concrete Roof Tile Supplier

If you need concrete tiles in St Austell, Roche or the surrounding areas, choose our local company today. We have a wide range of quality products available and we also provide professional installation service throughout the region.

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