Signs That Slate Roof Tiles Need Repairing Or Replacing

Slate roof tiles are a great choice for any home. They absorb minimal water, are highly durable and can complement any building with the timeless aesthetic they bring.

However, sometimes if they’re old or if a storm happens to damage the roofing structure, then they can be compromised. Look out for the following signs, and ensure that you get in touch with roofing contractors in order to get them fixed or replaced.

Obvious Damage

Any broken slate roof tiles should be sorted out as soon as possible. Faults will compromise the integrity of the material. This will weaken the very properties that make it one of the top roofing materials. Damaged tiles are more likely to absorb moisture which can lead to issues that could impact the structure of the building, such as damp and wood rot.

old slate tiles

Missing Slate Roof Tiles

If there are missing slates then you should call roofing contractors to sort them out. This will create faults in the whole roof, where weather and moisture can reach the internal structure more easily. If there are quite a lot of broken tiles, then this could be a sign that they are all at the end of their lifespan and you should seek a full replacement.

Excessive Moss

Whilst moss isn’t a sign that slate roof tiles need to be repaired, it can cause some issues. If you’ve had growth on your property for an extended period of time, it’s important to get it cleaned and professionally examined. If left for too long, it can lock moisture in and damage the structural integrity. The rhizoids of the plant (anchoring structures) can get in between the slates and cause them to fall out of place too.

moss on slate


If you notice discolouration on slate roof tiles, then this may be an indication of moisture present. When a roof is old or damaged, it can present many problems and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to protect your home. Moisture can cause issues with damp and leaks inside your home, which is exactly what a roof should be preventing.

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